Boxing Gears

Boxing gears are all the special and useful wearing material/tool/clothing which boxers wear and use during the boxing practice, fighting and Workout.

Omika International is providing best quality Boxing Gears including Boxing gloves, Bag mitts, Chest guards, focus pad, Hand wraps, Head guards, Mouth guards, punching balls, Thai shorts, Rash guards and Shorts all are made up by high quality Leather.

 Features of Our Boxing Gears/Equipment

There are two main type of boxing gloves, Velcro and Lace-up. Velcro gloves are stable for the wrist. They work as a second hand wrap. Lace-up provide a secure fit to your wrist, during the wrapping of lace-up gloves you must need a help from your friends or coach, and these gloves usually wrap with tape before the match start.

You can easily convert your lace-up gloves into Velcro by using hook or loop.

Main feature of our gloves is that they are made Foam padding.  This type of padding Is very protective then other once. You can also select a horsehair padding for gloves but it is less protective.

Using a wrong boxing gears will increase your injury chances, so you have to select them properly. The most important step is to choose the right size of particular equipment. Our Boxing Equipment are available in all sizes. If you choose the right size and weight, then the gear (i.e. glove) will be fitted on your hand and will increase your performance while fighting

Omika International boxing equipment will improve your performance in many ways. For example, in Sweat-proof Clothing, the fabric will keep moisture away and keep your body feel cool and dry.

Boxing Gears are made up with High Quality Leather

We are using the high quality leather to make outstanding boxing gears for our customer’s satisfaction.

Our boxing equipment’s are made by cowhide leather. This leather increase the life of product, and give a shiny look. It strengthen the products, which are used during boxing, hence provide flexibility and soft touch.

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