Fitness Wear

Men & Women active fitness wear/sports tank tops, leggings, yoga pants, t-shirts, sports bra, trousers for gym are made of high quality material. It improve comfort in every movements and gives energetic wrappings during high potency exercise.

By wearing these fitness wear cloths, you can feel right support to your body. Active fitness wear not minimize the effectualness of your exercise but also provides you liberty to move free during any activity.

Functional features of Active Fitness wear:-

 There is different features of gym wears, which allows ease of movement, stretches and good fit. It is easy to get on and off, comfortable to wear and keeps you cool. Main feature is that they comes with storage space for your key/iPod and money as well. Fabric of fitness wear items are outclass and starch able that provides you more comfort in any activity and keeps athletes visible in all conditions.

Fiber and Fabric used for these active wears:-

Following fibers and fabrics are usually used for fitness wear/gym wears due to their performance characteristics.

You need to know what these are and why it make them suitable for fitness wear.

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Lycra

Should I wash my active wear clothing after every workout?

Not to wash active wear after every use but it depends on the potency of the exercise. Sweat, odour, and bacteria during the activity.

If your workout of low intensity and you have not much sweat, like walk or yoga exercise. So in this condition you don’t to need wash, you can re-wear your workout clothing’s, as relative to high-potency exercise like running etc.

Are yoga pants good for Running?

Answer of this is yes, yoga pants are best for running. These are made of very elastic materials which allows you to run freely and it also improve circulation of blood in your body. Yoga/Workout pants are weightless and you feel it like a second skin and don’t disturbs you running.

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