5 Ways to keep mini boxing gloves from bacteria

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April 30, 2022

If you’re want to ways how to keep mini boxing gloves bacteria free. Then you’re at right place. In this article, we as Omika International trying to tell you 5 ways to keep to keep mini boxing glove from bacteria. We sure using these ways your gloves never going to crack.

5 Ways to Keep Mini Boxing Gloves From Bacteria

Must use hand wraps:

The First step of keeping mini boxing gloves clean is to kept thing’s you are putting in them to clean.

This is very simple step, which you can use anyway. By using this method, you can make your gloves moisture free.

Bacteria and moisture can damage your mini boxing gloves very quickly a microorganism, especially one that causes disease. Therefore, you can keep your mini boxing gloves by using high quality hand wrappers, so these wrappers can absorbed moisture and prevent the inner side of your gloves clean.

Never thrown in gym bags

Never thrown mini boxing glove in the gym bags after you have worked out, because gloves not free from moisture and sweat will resolves in the fabric, which make gloves smelly.

If you want to make life easier, then you should use best quality gear bags which are specially designed to keep your glove air free after putting them in gym bag.

Here are the brand of top quality gear bags. One of the best brand is Omika international. Omika’s bags are designed by top quality material, which let airflow naturally and more freely than other gym bags.

Air dry after training

After each fighting session, here is two ways to make your gloves air dry. One method is that you open the strap or laces of mini boxing glove and leave near a ventilated area for dry. This process is slow but more efficient. Other one is you can use of dryer machine which is more speedy but less efficient.

Gym sock process

Take your older set of gym socks, which are high in length and fill it with cedar chips. These chips are knows for moisture retention. Insert sock in your glove with toes touch. By this way, cedar chips will absorbed the moisture and leave a good smell in them.

Use Sanitized Antiseptic

Use a sanitized antiseptic that is suggest for sports products but use them after few months. Daily base use can causes gloves harden and after some gloves can crack.

I hope by reading these tips will surely help you out to keep your glove clean. Despite this, we as an Omika International manufacture and exporting Company also offer to buy mini boxing gloves in bulk at international level.

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